Chester Parks

Based in Portland, OR. Chester discovered Yoyo in 2013 during the Eugene leg of the Roots Kendama tour. At the time Chester was deep into Kendama and headed over to One Drop to wait for the players to show up in Eugene. By the time he left Paul Dang had handed him a raspberry Summit. He's been hooked and playing in the Pacific North West Yo-Yo scene ever since.

With a background in engineering Chester personally tests all releases since joining the team. As a thrower, Chester favors a flowing casual play style with a focus on short form trick combos. 

Despite his engineering credentials Chester seems to think all Yo-Yo should be gigantic and feature massive undercuts. He is wrong. But we appreciate his enthusiasm.

Alfredo Arnaiz Sibila

Alfredo Arnaiz Sibila

Based in Seattle, WA. Alfredo found unresponsive yo-yoing during the dark and directionless days of late 2016. Baffled by the movement and structure of modern Yo-Yo tricks, he dedicated himself to Yo-Yo in hopes of eventually reaching a level of understanding where he could begin to craft his own contributions to the Yo-Yo collective conscious.

A student of film, Alfredo enjoys creating Yo-Yo videos with the goal of further developing his visual style and documenting his progress in trick creation. Alfredo’s tricks are often punctuated with well-known and visually distinct shapes (tower, green triangle, double green triangle, etc.) but has become increasingly focused on exploring transitional elements.

In summary; Alfredo like make yoyo go 'tower'.